Margaret Finds Her Forever Home

A grey haired woman sits in a chair in her new home

Margaret came to Hobart City Mission in 2020, to seek help finding a new home. She had been living in accommodation that was expensive and inappropriate for her needs. She was paying almost all of her fortnightly pension, leaving her with little money for other costs such as food and electricity. The unit that Margaret …

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Mountain View Program Provides a Safe and Supportive Home

A man in a beanie sits on a footpath and a support worker kneels beside him

In mid-October last year, Hobart City Mission purchased the Balmoral Motor Inn in Glenorchy. The former motel, now called Mountain View, provides supported housing for people on the Housing Tasmania priority waitlist. The purchase is just one more step towards ending homelessness in our community. With 32 units available, the Mountain View program plays a …

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Housing Services Team’s life-changing work

tent next to a white car

The past couple of years have been challenging for the Housing Connect team at Hobart City Mission. The housing crisis has meant there are limited options for the many individuals and families who are at risk of homelessness in Southern Tasmania. Hobart City Mission’s Housing Connect team includes four amazingly resilient and kind-hearted workers; Amanda, …

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Bianca* & Luis’* Road to Recovery

baby sitting on floor on playroom floor

When Bianca* found herself expecting a baby at 19 years old she knew the road ahead would be tough but with little support it was actually much tougher than expected. Bianca had a difficult pregnancy, there were many scares and indications that she may be facing raising a special needs child. With little support from …

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How will Safe Night Space help people sleeping on the streets of Hobart?

man with beard and sunglasses and cap on head talking to camera

The Safe Night Space Program was developed through conversations with real people sleeping on the streets of Hobart. These conversations highlighted the every day struggles that people who are experiencing primary homelessness face – from finding food and showers, to personal safety – things that most people take for granted.  Prior to the launch of …

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Update on Hobart Housing Crisis

Homeless Man Sitting on the street with his dog

The housing crisis continues to affect more and more people in Tasmania, causing hardship and homelessness. The lack of affordable housing in Hobart has meant that families struggle to make ends meet. Your continued support is crucial to ensure these people receive the help they need. An estimated 160 people sleep rough in Tasmania every …

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