After 10 long years, Dan finally has a home!

Thanks to your continued support, we welcomed 12 new residents to the Coming Home program in July.

Coming Home provides a long-term home and support to men aged 45+ who have been experiencing homelessness.

The 15 newly built units are in Rokeby, with 12 of them dedicated to the Coming Home program, and another three units available for people living with disability.

For Dan, Coming Home has been a saviour, after 10 years of insecure housing.

I had been living in a caravan which was my daughters. I had been through a divorce where I’d lost everything, and I was homeless.

I put in for housing and got put to the bottom of the list. And with everything else that’s gone on with my family, and the system itself – everything just got to me.

Everything went downhill, and there was no help.

I served in the Air Force for about 6 years when I was 17. With Veterans see, whatever has been done to us, whatever we’ve seen, it stays with us.

I couldn’t believe it when I got the call to move in here. I thought ‘Oh geez, someone up there’s looked after me!’

“This place has saved me, fair dinkum.

And having Morgan the program leader here too, is great. Just a smile each day, you know, it’s good.

Now I can just have a happy life.

I take my hat off to the people who make this possible and thank them for what they’ve done for us. We’re indebted to them”. – Dan

Hobart City Mission Coming Home

The Coming Home program is supported by a full-time Community & Client Case Manager, Morgan. 

Morgan supports residents to settle into their new home, and work on their personal goals.

This could be anything from finding employment or further learning, reconnecting with family, or addressing health issues.

“Coming Home is stable, long-term housing”, says Morgan.

“It gives men the opportunity to build their lives back up and have the security of a home base.

My role is to help them get connected with external support if they need them. Things such as Drug & Alcohol support, community centres, and mental health support.

Some days will be as simple as helping someone get their internet connected. Other times it will be talking someone through a crisis that they’re having.

“There’s a need for more programs like this for men. There’s a lot of support out there for women and often limited options for males”.

Hobart City Mission's Coming Home Program

The construction costs for the Coming Home units were funded through State Government funding and a significant donation left to Hobart City Mission as a bequest.

This bequest was left with the specific request to support older men who have been facing homelessness. We developed Coming Home to honour that wish.

The ongoing costs of Coming Home will be 100% funded through donations from generous supporters like you.

Your continued support will help men to feel safe and secure in their long-term homes.