Fundraise For Us

So you’re interested in fundraising for Hobart City Mission?


We love generous people like you who want to get out in the community, fundraise and raise awareness for Hobart City Mission. This ensures we can continue running our vital programs and supporting people in the local community who are in desperate need.  

Below you will find some steps to help guide you on your fundraising journey!

STEP ONE – How would you like to fundraise?

There are so many simple and creative ways you can fundraise for Hobart City Mission in the community! Here are a few of our favourites…

-Host a food drive in your community for non-perishable items for our Emergency Relief food packs! See more info on what we provide in our food packs here.

– Hold a Garage Sale, and donate the funds to Hobart City Mission. Good to declutter the house, and good for the community!

-Go without something for a week or a month and have your friends and family donate to your cause! 

-Ask us for a “Tin Rattler” that you can place at your local club, your cash register, your school, anywhere! We can provide this for you with our logo on it and we will even collect it from you when it’s full if you like.

-Enter a competition (like a marathon!) and choose Hobart City Mission as your charity for people to support you.

-Host a Toy Drive at Christmas time! Each Christmas we seek thousands of toys to provide hundreds of families, who otherwise wouldn’t get to enjoy gifts at Christmas. We can even provide you with a tailored website link if you would like to host a virtual toy drive in your work or school! 

-Host an Op Shop drive with your friends, family, colleagues or school mates and collect high quality second hand items like clothing, shoes, manchester, and bric-a-brac! Find more info on what our Op Shops collect here.

-Host a bake sale, a trivia night or a morning tea!

-If you have a birthday coming up, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Hobart City Mission instead of giving you a gift.. you could set up a fundraising page to do this or you can even do it on Facebook! Ask us how if you get stuck.

-Everyone loves a sausage sizzle, so why not host your very own sizzle and donate the proceeds?

-Fill a jar with lollies and ask for a gold coin donation to guess how many are in there! You could do this every month or two at work or school.

There are a few things that we cannot support due to the nature of our organisation and who we support:

-We cannot promote excessive drinking or drug use
-We cannot promote unhealthy or dangerous behaviors, including smoking and gambling
-We will not promote bullying behavior (including online), violence and discrimination

STEP TWO – Check in with us

We would LOVE to hear about your plans to fundraise for us, mostly because we think you’re brilliant and we want to hear about your awesome fundraising ideas, but also so we can ensure that your plans align with our important values. Our values are:

  • Honesty
    We are honest, ethical and transparent, and this will build trust, with clients, staff and supporters.

  • Respect
    We respect you so you will respect yourself.

  • Teamwork
    We work together as a professional team to accomplish the outcomes that we strive to achieve.

  • Innovation
    We seek to find solutions where none seem to exist, to assist those in need.

  • Passion
    We are inspired to assist those in need regardless of circumstance and stature.

We can also email you an e-toolkit with a whole range of logos and information flyers for you to use to get your fundraising kick-started! 

Click the button below to send us an email with your contact details and let us know what you’ve got planned!

STEP THREE – Fundraise!

There are a couple of ways you can collect donations at your fundraiser.. here are some ideas:
Set up an online fundraising page
This can be a good way to collect donations if you’re calling for donations in the lead up to the actual event (ie, if you are running in a marathon and calling for donations in the two months leading up to the day of the marathon). You can use sites like everydayhero, GoFundMe or Fundly
Collect cash donations on the day of your event
If you’re planning on hosting an event like a morning tea, collecting gold coin donations on the door of an event, or even having a “guess the lollies in the jar” style game, this is probably best suited to you. We can provide you with a branded donation tin to use – just get in touch with us at communications@hobartcitymission.org.au to arrange collection! You can return the tin and money to us at the end of your event.

After you’ve hosted your fundraiser and collected the money you can donate to Hobart City Mission in a few different ways! Make sure when you make the donation you tell us all about how the donation came about and what you did to raise the money. We love hearing about what generous people like you in the community have done for us. Find out how to donate below:

 –Donate by phone, in person or online
1. In person with cash or a cheque at 50 Barrack Street, Hobart
2. Over the phone with a credit card on 03 6215 4200
3. By EFT – please call 03 6215 4200 for details
4. Online via our website with a credit card at hobartcitymission.org.au/donate-now/ (but if you choose this option make sure you let us know by email or phone where the donation has come from, we want to hear all about it!)
Donate goods from a drive!
If you’ve hosted a drive for physical items such as non-perishable food, toys or Op Shop items, these can be delivered to 50 Barrack Street, Hobart. Feel free to give us a call beforehand on 03 6215 4200 to organise a suitable time.

STEP FOUR – Thank your supporters & report back

Once your fundraiser is complete, be sure to thank everyone who supported you and report on how much was raised in total.

If possible, tell your supporters where the money will go (if to a specific program) and how it will help! We can help provide you with this info if you like – just ask! This gives donors confidence that their money is going to where they intended it to go, and is a nice wrap up to your fundraiser.

Make sure you also get in touch with us and tell us about how your fundraiser went – were there any high points or challenges you experienced?

We can’t wait to hear all about how your fundraiser went!


If you have any questions about fundraising in your community, please feel free to contact our Fundraising & Events Officer, Emily. Emily can be contacted on 03 6215 4200 or at communications@hobartcitymission.org.au.