Thank you from Wayne* and Lucas* at DIY Dads

You may have recently read about Wayne* and his son Lucas* who have been kicking goals since living at DIY Dads.

DIY Dads is a live-in parenting and life skills program for single dads and their children. The program provides a safe, stable place for dads and their children to connect, learn together and gain the confidence and skills to live independently.

Wayne* is so grateful to you, for giving him and Lucas*, and families like his, the chance they need to be successful in life. 

“DIY Dads has given me and Lucas* a secure and safe home”, says Wayne.

“It has given me a foundation to be the father I want to be for my boy. It has been a stepping stone to getting back to work and being financially stable.”

“Living here has given me the chance to have one-on-one time with Lucas*. I’ve been able to focus on him and his issues. He is doing great at school and he’s an all-round more settled child who knows how to conduct himself”.

Wayne says that one of the most valuable parts of DIY Dads is the supportive community with the other men at the program.

“The other Dad’s and children role model how to interact with one another, which helps Lucas* to be able to play with other children”.

“It’s great because it’s for men, where often if feels like men are forgotten as parents. It’s a place where men can be part of a community and relate to others”.

Because of you, Wayne is able to focus on a positive future, filled with opportunity for himself and his son. Wayne says that he’s looking forward to striving ahead and moving on to permanent housing outside of DIY – “The world is my oyster”, says Wayne.

Wayne recognises the impact that this program can have on other Dads in his situation.

“I hope that other dads who move in here achieve everything I did; stability, to become a better father, and build a foundation for the future”.

This is just one family that you’ve helped through your kindness and generosity. With your continued compassion and kindness, many more dads and children can have the positive future they deserve.

*Name’s changed and models used for privacy reasons.

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