Jaz’s Journey out of Homelessness

Jaz experienced homelessness as young as 10 years old.

“I was on the street at ten years old.

I remember sleeping on park benches in the middle of nowhere. Drinking until I passed out. 

Because it was the only way I could get to sleep…

Mountain View Program at Hobart City Mission

“Once I had a housing worker who couldn’t find anywhere for me to stay. 

So she bought me a tent. And started crying as she dropped me off at St David’s park…

I feel like there was no safety back then. And for me, there wasn’t.

I went from Safe Space, to rehab, to Mountain View and now I’ve got my own place!

If I was to meet the people donating, the people supporting Hobart City Mission.

I’d thank them. I’d tell them about my journey, what I have experienced and thank them for making it possible.

Without them, where would I be?

It looks like things do get better after all. It might take 31 years. But they do.

This was my opportunity and I took it!”

Jaz – former guest at Safe Space & resident at Mountain View 

Thank you to everyone who helps make programs like Mountain View and Safe Space possible.

By donating, joining our Sleep Rough event, or volunteering with Hobart City Mission, you are helping to give people like Jaz a second chance. 

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