About Us

Hobart City Mission (HCM) has been serving the people of Southern Tasmania for 172 years. This has only been made possible through the generosity of our supporters and volunteers.

Established in 1852, HCM was the first City Mission in Australia and is the third oldest Mission in the world. HCM offers assistance to those who need it most in the Southern Tasmanian community by providing emotional, physical and financial support and guidance.

We pride ourselves on finding innovative programs and services that empower people and enable them to participate in community life with a sense of dignity, purpose and self-reliance.

Hobart City Mission


Creating compassionate, resilient and connected local communities.


Hobart City Mission brings together people who give and people in need, through the provision of client focused, holistic and innovative services.



We are honest, ethical and transparent, and this will build trust, with clients, staff and supporters.


We respect you so you will respect yourself.


We work together as a professional team to accomplish the outcomes that we strive to achieve.


We seek to find solutions where none seem to exist, to assist those in need.


We are inspired to assist those in need regardless of circumstance and stature.


Our Christian heritage has guided our values since 1852. As we grow with our community, our faith-based values guide us in welcoming people from all backgrounds.

Hobart City Mission, through our values and practices acknowledge the sovereignty of Tasmanian Aboriginals, the original owners of lutruwita (Tasmania). Tasmanians represent many cultures, social and economic backgrounds, all abilities, genders, sexualities and stages of life.  We see strength in them all and embrace this diversity. Hobart City Mission understand that to truly meet diverse needs, we must model diversity, inclusion and healthy relationships at every level of our organisation, and we are committed to doing so.

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