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  • These are the coffees These are the coffees made by a young mum
    Who will complete her master barista course
    Which will help her make a new start
    That will be supported by Small Steps
  • These are the sandshoes These are the sandshoes
    That were sold in our op shops
    That were stocked with donations
    That were given by you during one of our events
  • These are some toys These are some toys played with by the children
    Who will live with their mum at Small Steps
    That will be built with the money
    That was given by people like you who donated
  • This is the sandwich This is the sandwich that was made with the bread
    That was given to those in need
    That was collected by volunteers
    Who decided they wanted to be involved
  • These are the pencils These are the pencils that are used by the kids
    That play at residential and day camps
    That are for children of families facing difficult situations
    Which enables them to enjoy new positive experiences
  • DONATE NOW Adam lost his job.
    Facing eviction, Adam came to see us at Hobart City Mission.
    We were able to help, thanks to donations from people like you.

Winter Appeal 2016

Donate Now

The Mission is always  there as a reliable support for the people in Hobart and surrounds who don't have a stable, warm home with a comfortable bed, enough food for the table or warm clothes for their family.

Every day Hobart City Mission provides emergency relief to people in need. We provide help for their immediate situation, and in the longer term we can connect people to services which will help them get back on their feet and to a stronger, stable lifestyle.  To the person, it's a helping hand, not a handout, a gift from own community, to a member of our community, in desperate need.

We need the continued support of our community to continue our work.  Can you help with a financial donation to the Winter Appeal?

Visit one of our retail stores - drop in to our office in Barrack Street, Hobart, or click here to Donate Now

Hobart City Mission's Winter Appeal 2014 TV commercial

Our volunteers are integral to the Community

Hobart Volunteers Integral to the Community (Read the full story here)

It's mid morning, and the Moonah City Mission retail outlet is just getting ready for the day ahead, and this morning they're being visited by the volunteer coordinator, Sheralyn Jackson.

National Volunteer's week (May 12-18) gives good motivation for Ms Jackson to personally meet with all the people who make running the shop possible.

"Just to show them our appreciation, because the Hobart City Mission, the same as many community organisations, wouldn't be able to do what they do without the support of volunteers," she says.