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  • These are the coffees These are the coffees made by a young mum
    Who will complete her master barista course
    Which will help her make a new start
    That will be supported by Small Steps
  • These are the sandshoes These are the sandshoes
    That were sold in our op shops
    That were stocked with donations
    That were given by you during one of our events
  • These are some toys These are some toys played with by the children
    Who will live with their mum at Small Steps
    That will be built with the money
    That was given by people like you who donated
  • This is the sandwich This is the sandwich that was made with the bread
    That was given to those in need
    That was collected by volunteers
    Who decided they wanted to be involved
  • These are the pencils These are the pencils that are used by the kids
    That play at residential and day camps
    That are for children of families facing difficult situations
    Which enables them to enjoy new positive experiences

Great Southern Pram Push 2017

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Hobart City Mission are holding their annual fundraiser, the Great Southern Pram Push on March 11th 2017!

The day will be filled with food, fun and entertainment. 
Come along and help Hobart City Mission keep young mums and their children together through the Small Steps Program.

Register for the Pramathon - ask your friends and family to sponsor you, and walk either the 5km or 2.5km loop to help a child and mother from our community ($20 per individual or group entry). Pram safe obstacles will keep you on your toes - speed humps, chicanes and pram wash just to name a few! Get some friends together and organise a team today! 

Register at or visit the Facebook Event

Various fun activities, and novelty races ($5 per individual) during the day, including Aeroplane Spoon (egg & spoon race), Hanging by the Legs (three legged race) and Bottle Dash (relay race) – a great opportunity for everyone in the family to have some fun.

Be entertained by Mrs Bee from Makebelieve Children's Entertainment - Tasmania and Exitleft Performance Academy! Have fun with BUMP Zorb Balls and Psychles bikes.

Whet your appetite with delicious food from Chasing Crows, Munchies Street Food, Moto Vecchia - Cafe & Fairy Flossie Ice Cream Van. And purchase beautiful gifts from Tasmanian businesses and HCM Retail stalls (TBC).

Want to support Hobart City Mission on the day? There are various opportunities for individuals and businesses to help out or volunteer- contact us to find out more 6215 4200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hobart City Mission Wins Telstra Business Award

We are thrilled to have been awarded the inaugural Telstra Business Award (Charity) for Tasmania. Click below to watch our CEO John Stubley give his acceptance speech.