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  • These are the coffees
    These are the coffees These are the coffees made by a young mum
    Who will complete her master barista course
    Which will help her make a new start
    That will be supported by Small Steps
  • These are the sandshoes
    These are the sandshoes These are the sandshoes
    That were sold in our op shops
    That were stocked with donations
    That were given by you during one of our events
  • These are some toys
    These are some toys These are some toys played with by the children
    Who will live with their mum at Small Steps
    That will be built with the money
    That was given by people like you who donated
  • This is the sandwich
    This is the sandwich This is the sandwich that was made with the bread
    That was given to those in need
    That was collected by volunteers
    Who decided they wanted to be involved
  • These are the pencils
    These are the pencils These are the pencils that are used by the kids
    That play at residential and day camps
    That are for children of families facing difficult situations
    Which enables them to enjoy new positive experiences
    DONATE NOW Adam lost his job.
    Facing eviction, Adam came to see us at Hobart City Mission.
    We were able to help, thanks to donations from people like you.

Hobart City Mission helps individuals and families in need. We provide housing, financial, emotional, advocacy, training and mentoring support to enable people to participate in community life to the best of their ability.

I just wanted to thank you so very sincerely for all your hard work, willingness and flexibility... you have made a difference to the daily lives of many of our students in your calm, warm and unassuming way.

Veronica, Hobart, Chaplaincy

Volunteers are vital to our work. Find out how you can help us to keep on caring.

 I love coming to work and making the shop sparkle! I enjoy all my tasks,  serving customers is fun and what I do is very satisfying.

 Marilyn,  Lutana

We rely on your generous support so that we can continue to help the people of Hobart and Southern Tasmania.

Hobart City Mission is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Donate Now

Appreciation for the Allport Bequest

The Hobart City Mission wishes to thank the Allport Bequest for their recent contribution of $10,000 towards the Prison Chaplaincy program. We are grateful to the trustees for their support and encouragement of the Hobart City Mission visiting program. The chaplaincy program provides prisoners with spiritual and pastoral care as well as assisting with personal and family needs such as service referrals, accommodation, education and emergency relief.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Allport Bequest for their financial support in 2014. 


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