Tammy Volunteers at Small Steps

woman holding gingerbread man toy and donated blankets

Tammy started volunteering with the Small Steps childminding program last year. After losing her job due to injury, she had been looking for an opportunity to help those who needed a helping hand.  “After losing my job, and having my mum pass away, I decided I wanted to give back to the community”, says Tammy. …

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Small Steps keeping Mums and Bubs together

Cassie and Nonie at Small Steps program

Cassie first came to Small Steps after leaving an abusive relationship. She had two young children, and was pregnant with her third child. She did not have support from her parents, and despite knowing the dangers of leaving her partner, she decided she had to escape. But finding a new home was much harder than …

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Bianca* & Luis’* Road to Recovery

baby sitting on floor on playroom floor

When Bianca* found herself expecting a baby at 19 years old she knew the road ahead would be tough but with little support it was actually much tougher than expected. Bianca had a difficult pregnancy, there were many scares and indications that she may be facing raising a special needs child. With little support from …

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Youth in our community helping young mums!

Traditionally, every year The Friends’ School year 11 and 12 girls have a sleepover to raise money for the Small Steps Program, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions this was unable to happen this year. Determined to maintain this assistance, the students at Friends’ held a Small Steps Day raising money for young mums and their babies. They held a lunch time movie viewing, sold …

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How Shopping at City Mission Op Shops Helps Your Local Community

When you shop at City Mission Op Shops, you’re not only getting great quality items at low prices, you’re also supporting important programs that help the most vulnerable in our community. There are three main programs that City Mission Op Shops raises money for. These include Small Steps, DIY Dads and Emergency Assistance. Small Steps …

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