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“Only a few months after my husband and I welcomed our first child, we fell pregnant with our second. It was a lovely surprise – until the pregnancy had complications,” says Lauren*.

Lauren was sent to hospital to wait out her pregnancy, and had to accept a redundancy at work. Meanwhile her husband, Josh*, had to leave his job to care for their first child, who was barely one-year-old.

Lauren and Josh’s second child was born at just 28 weeks, with mobility and verbal issues, and profoundly deaf. With no income, they sold their house at a loss to help with the financial and emotional stress. “I sold my wedding ring and my mum’s jewellery to make ends meet,” said Lauren.

“As the first person in my family to be in this situation, it is so hard to come to terms with.”

It is people like Lauren, who come to Hobart City Mission for assistance when they have no other options. Hobart City Mission are able to help anyone in Southern Tasmania who is experiencing hardship, thanks to the generosity of the community.

Donations to Hobart City Mission help to provide food, clothing, furniture, professional advice and emotional support to those who are experiencing hardship.

We urgently need your support to provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable in the Southern Tasmanian community.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

 *name changed & model used for privacy

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