Your one-off or reoccurring donation will help those most vulnerable in our community.

Just fill in the form below, and step through to fill in your details. You can select a specific program that you would like your donation to go to, or you can donate HCM in general so that your donation will go to whichever area needs your help most. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Tasmanians are in the crisis of their lives

It’s hard to underestimate how hard Tasmania has been hit by the COVID-19 and unemployment crises this year.

Employment is at record lows, and thousands of individuals and families are unable to afford the very basics or are living on the street.

That’s why caring people like you are needed to help them find with what they need: emergency essentials, and a place to live.

Because everyone deserves to have a home this Christmas.

woman with two children sitting together looking at the camera

A gift today of:

  • $35 can provide emergency essentials
  • $50 can offer emotional and financial support
  • $120 can provide emergency accommodation for someone in their own crisis

Remember, whatever amount you give – whether small or large – it’s all going to help Tasmanians who need our support right now.

One mother packed up her life to move to Melbourne with her kids, to receive important medical support.

But when the young family returned to Tasmania, they couldn’t find a single place to live that they could afford. It wasn’t their fault – but suddenly, they were at crisis point.

When she reached out to Hobart City Mission, she found the support she needed to rent a new place and give her kids a place to call home.

That’s the difference you can make today with a generous gift.

Please give to make sure that every Tasmanian family has food and a home this Christmas. Your gift is vital today!

> If you are interested in donating goods such as non-perishable food, please click here for more info

> If you are interested in donating goods to our Op Shops, please click here for more info