Safe Space shower fundraiser

Give homeless Tasmanians the basic human needs of hygiene and cleanliness.

Your gift today will help transform the rundown bathroom facilities at Safe Space and provide homeless Tasmanians with the dignity they deserve.

The number of people staying at Safe Space homelessness shelter has almost doubled in the past year.

The bathroom facilities at Safe Space are in need of serious work to meet the increasing demand.

With only two showers between 35 people, many guests at Safe Space are forced to go without.

Help raise the $200,000 needed to increase the number of showers available for some of Hobart’s most vulnerable people.

Safe Space provides a warm bed, food, and support for people experiencing homelessness every night. It is a place where people come to connect with support such as housing, legal advice, and health services.

The increasing need for Safe Space has meant that the facilities are lagging behind.

More showers will provide people experiencing homelessness with the dignity and self-esteem to achieve their goals of housing, employment and a brighter future.

A note from a previous Safe Space guest:

“There are a lot of things we didn’t realise would be such a challenge before we experienced homelessness – things like finding a safe, clean place to have a shower. 

When we were sleeping in our car, we went to a public shower block. But there was poo all over the walls. It was just disgusting.

To have a shower at Safe Space was an incredible relief. But at the same time it was also really unsettling, because of  how many people use this single shower.

We’ve since moved on from Safe Space and found a place to live. But others are not so lucky.

A new shower block at Safe Space would definitely bea big morale booster. It would make everyone there so happy”.

Give today to help fund this life changing development, because everybody deserves the basic human dignity of a safe, warm shower.

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