Your one-off or reoccurring donation will help those most vulnerable in our community.

Just fill in the form below, and step through to fill in your details. You can select a specific program that you would like your donation to go to, or you can donate HCM in general so that your donation will go to whichever area needs your help most. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

The Coronavirus pandemic has driven a record number of Tasmanians to crisis point.

Countless individuals and families are struggling to survive the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. People have lost their jobs and businesses and are unable to cover the cost of basics like food, rent and medical supplies.

A single mother came to us last week for assistance. She had just found out that she lost all three of her casual jobs on the same day. She was clearly distressed and had no idea how she was going to feed her children or put a roof over their heads.

HCM is providing food support, housing assistance and counselling to people in deep distress and dire need. But our resources can only stretch so far. Like many Tasmanians, we are at breaking point.

We need your help to meet this demand.

Your donations will help those most vulnerable during Coronavirus by providing food packs, food vouchers, warm clothing, and professional support, to ensure they can get through the coming months.

Your generous gift will provide urgent support to individuals and families who need it most. Please donate today, knowing you’ll be helping those in desperate need in our community. 

CEO of Hobart City Mission John Stubley standing in front of a pantry

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