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Leaving a gift in your Will to Hobart City Mission 

A gift in your Will to Hobart City Mission is a gift to the vulnerable across Southern Tasmania. Your generosity will stay right here, helping create the kind of community where someone is always there for those in need.

With the help of generous people like you, Hobart City Mission has always been there for our friends, our neighbours, our community since 1852 – helping them up when they stumble, when luck isn’t going their way, when life is getting on top of them.

A gift in your Will to Hobart City Mission is one of the best ways you can help ensure this precious tradition continues.

Hobart City Mission Sunday School in 1962

Write your Will online for free 

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As part of the Will writing process, you’ll be given the option to leave at gift in your Will to Hobart City Mission. Your gift will stay right here in Southern Tasmania, supporting your local community. By choosing to leave a gift, you’ll be ensuring help is always there for those who need it most. 

How your gift will ensure help is always there…

Your gift will help ensure that Hobart City Mission is there to meet the need of the Southern Tasmanian community with practical, non-judgemental help that answers the immediate problem, while building a foundation for future independence.

Kika’s Story

When Kika’s two-yearold daughter, Maisey, was diagnosed with a brain tumour, she didn’t think  twice about giving up their home in Hobart and relocating to Melbourne for eight months of intensive cancer treatment. It was a horrible time for Kika and her family, full of uncertainty, worry and pain. But even when her daughter was given the all clear, Kika’s struggles didn’t end.

The family returned to Hobart, but the housing crisis meant their old home had been quickly snapped up and they had nowhere to go. So Kika reached out to Hobart City Mission. We were there for her, helping her find suitable accommodation that was within her financial means.

Thankfully, Maisey is in remission and now she and her girls have a place to not only call home, but to get on with the business of recovering from the trauma of cancer.

woman and her two children smiling at the camera on steps
Portrait of Peter Gartlan - Deputy President of Hobart City Mission's Board

Always there, and hopefully always will be

IT consultant Peter Gartlan began supporting Hobart City Mission 7-8 years ago, making an annual donation to support the good work he saw happening in Southern Tasmania.

“There are lots of charities that do similar work,” says Peter, “but I really like how Hobart City Mission is nimble, grass roots, local. When they see someone who needs help, they’re always there.”

For Peter, the Small Steps program, is a great example and part of the reason he is leaving a gift in his Will.

“Hobart City Mission discovered that young girls who had babies and couldn’t support them were being separated from their babies by Social Services. Not good. So they set up a program, set up a facility in one of their buildings and made it available. No endless bureaucracy. They just got in and got it done. So now local girls who would otherwise have lost their babies have somewhere to go.”

Peter says he trusts Hobart City Mission to use his gift wisely. “It’s a good operation. It does the right things, has a good local focus, has good people, has a good reputation, has good outcomes. It’s important to me that my legacy can continue to help in some degree, that I can contribute to this kind of good work.”

How best to help

There are three common ways to leave a gift in your Will.

  • A Residuary Gift is when you leave a portion or the remainder of your estate after other gifts and financial commitments are taken care of.
  • A Pecuniary Gift is when you provide for a fixed or stated sum in your Will.
  • A Specific Gift is when you leave a specific item, such as property or shares.

Your gift, of course, is and can only ever be yours to give, and in the manner you choose to give it. Hobart City Mission will be profoundly grateful, whichever you choose. A legacy in the form of a Residuary Gift, however, is an excellent way to ensure your loved ones are taken care of while giving Hobart City Mission the greatest benefit and maximum flexibility – allowing us to put your gift to work where it will do the greatest good.

Even 1%

The size of your gift, no matter how big or small, is nothing compared to the generosity of spirit you are showing in making it.
Every gift Willed to Hobart City Mission is cherished as a lasting expression of the value people like you place in our work.
Even 1% after your loved ones have been taken care of can make a profound contribution to a kinder, more caring community.

Suggested wording for different types of gifts

  • A Residual Gift: 
    “I give to Hobart City Mission ABN 45 880 587 855, 50 Barrack St, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000 for its general purposes, free of all duties, (the whole OR …..%) of the residue of my Estate including lapsed devises and bequests…”
  • A Percentage Gift:
    “I give to Hobart City Mission ABN 45 880 587 855, 50 Barrack St, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000, for its general purposes, free of all duties per cent (…..%) of the residue of my Estate…”

It is important to include the full name, address and ABN in your wording to ensure that your gift has the greatest impact to those doing it tough in Southern Tasmania: Hobart City Mission Inc. 50 Barrack St, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000 ABN 45 880 587 855. Hobart City Mission recommends the use of a legal professional when writing your will.

Your loved ones are important to us too

Leaving a gift in your Will is a serious and important decision. At Hobart City Mission, family and loved ones have always been a cornerstone of community.

Every day, we are there for mums, dads, children, grandparents, friends and families alike, helping them through the toughest of times.

That’s why we respectfully suggest you take care of your family and loved ones first, before making a bequest to Hobart City Mission, and that you talk to them about your desire to do so. It may help to share with them why you wish to support Hobart City Mission, and your vision for a future for Southern Tasmania where someone is always there for those in need. And of course, we recommend  that you speak to your lawyer about anything to do with your legacy, to help ensure your wishes are properly recorded and can be properly fulfilled.

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Lou Kirkwood

Donor & Relationship Coordinator

Lou is passionate about the work of Hobart City Mission and would love to hear from you. Lou will happily help you with any questions about how to leave a gift in your Will and provide you with information about how your gift can help others. Contact Lou, by calling (03) 6215 4263, email lkirkwood@hobartcitymission.org.au.

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