Montrose Bay High School Students Volunteer Experience

 Five Montrose Bay High School students have embarked on a work experience journey this month, by volunteering in our City Mission Op Shops Sorting Warehouse.

The students are undertaking the volunteer placement as part of the Big Picture Program, which is an Australia-wide program that provides student-directed learning in schools and includes a work experience component.

Elaine Mead is the Work Place Coordinator at Montrose Bay High School and helps the students to find work experience placements.

“The Big Picture Program helps students to feel more engaged with their learning” says Elaine. “They are in control of what they want to study and gain real-life skills to prepare them for the workplace”.


Hobart City Mission initially contacted Elaine to offer her students a week-long volunteering opportunity during National Student Volunteer Week 2020 (Starting August 10). The call from Hobart City Mission came at just the right time. The effects of COVID-19 had made it difficult for Elaine to find workplaces who could take on students for the 10-week program.

“The students are excited about volunteering with HCM. Four of the five students haven’t had much experience in the workplace so they are really curious and ready to go. They are looking forward to getting to do something different”.

“They’ll be starting in the City Mission Op Shops Sorting Warehouse initially,” says Elaine. “Some of them are also really keen to gain some retail experience in the Op Shops too”.

Jack is one of the students who will be volunteering with Hobart City Mission. He says that he is looking forward to learning skills that will prepare him for the workplace.

“I haven’t been in a formal workplace before, although I have had some experience in public speaking through my work with autism awareness”, says Jack.

“I’m hoping to learn some new skills. I’m feeling a little bit nervous, but mainly excited.”

If you are interested in student volunteering opportunities with Hobart City Mission, please contact Sara Shepherd via email at volunteering@hobartcitymission.org.au.