Thank you for Safe Space

Last week was Homelessness Week in Australia, which seeks to raise awareness of the issues faced by people who are experiencing homelessness across the country.

Matty wrote us this beautiful letter to say thank you for the work that Hobart City Mission, The Salvation Army and other service providers do to provide safety and shelter through the Safe Space program. 

With the closing of homeless week upon us. I thought I would write and acknowledge some of the people who make a difference in a homeless person’s life.

I’ve been homeless in Hobart since the middle of May, something I thought would never happen to me! My thanks goes out to the people on the Homeless Board which I’ve been a big part of making people aware of the day-to-day struggles faced by the homeless.

The Safe Space at The Town Hall, the beautiful staff who cater to every whim without question or judgement. They are there to help, guide, assist or just listen as every homeless person has his/her own story and set of circumstances.

To the Moreton Group of Doctors who come in Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to make sure the vulnerable members of our community are healthy and looked after.

The Bridge Program has two members on a permanent basis for anyone with alcohol or substance abuse issues.

Orange Sky who come in on Thursdays to do our washing. These people are volunteers and 100% public funded and do a wonderful job.

A Housing Rep comes in 2-3 time a week to make sure our housing applications are up to date and let you know how close you are to your own place.

The Salvation Army who supply Thermal clothing, towels, footwear, sanitary products and heaps more, too much to list here. A special Thankyou to Annie Townsend-Carr and Don Macrae, who go above and beyond their call of duty to help, guide and advise anyone with homeless issues.

To the institutions supplying food, coffee, tea and milk every week.

To anyone I have missed, I say Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work, you definitely make a difference.

Finally, to the people of Hobart, Thankyou for your on-going support

– Damon (Matty) Matthews