Youth in our community helping young mums!

Traditionally, every year The Friends’ School year 11 and 12 girls have a sleepover to raise money for the Small Steps Program, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions this was unable to happen this year.

Determined to maintain this assistance, the students at Friends’ held a Small Steps Day raising money for young mums and their babies.

They held a lunch time movie viewing, sold popcorn and hot chocolate and also had a stall accepting donations of much needed items for the program such as towels, sheets, kitchen utensils and non-perishable food items.

Nonie, the Small Steps Coordinator put together a video about the program that was screened prior to the movie so that all students involved were well informed of who they were raising money for, and why it is such a vital program. Click on the video below to view.

By the end of the day the school had collected an incredible load of items for Small Steps (see photos below) which will go a long way to helping the young mums at Small Steps settle into their new homes.

A huge thank you to The Friends’ School for their ongoing support of Small Steps and commitment to their community!