Tasmanian Housing Initiatives

Tasmanian Housing Initiatives

The Tasmanian Government has a released a new range of initiatives aimed to assist every Tasmanian in having access to affordable, safe housing.

The media is currently broadcasting the onset of a “housing crisis” but at Hobart City Mission we are aware that homelessness and housing insecurity are long term ongoing issues in Tasmania.

These initiatives are designed to target the needs of many different demographics from those in need of emergency housing to property owners and investors.

The Private Rental Incentive encourages private property owners to make their rental homes available to low income earners.

Owners participating in this initiative would receive up to $13,000 per property, per year as well as a guarantee that rent will be paid for the terms of the lease. This initiative should ensure that more affordable and desirable houses are made accessible to low income Tasmanians.

This and many other incentives were developed during the Tasmanian Housing Summit, in which HCM participated in as on behalf of our Housing Connect team.

Housing Connect’s Emergency Accommodation, is a service which assists clients into emergency accommodation options, and helps them transition into permanent, affordable housing, has also received additional funding in this new action plan.

There are also initiatives designed to assist those looking to buy their own home. Home Share is a program for prospective home buyers in which the Government will lend buyers up to 30% of a new house’s value with no interest. This will mean smaller deposit, lower monthly payments and freedom mortgage insurance, which should open the home buying market to more Tasmanians.

Similarly, the Streets Ahead initiative provides assistance with deposit payments up to $12,000 for eligible households purchasing a Housing Tasmania property

These initiatives are all part of the Tasmanian Government’s Affordable Housing Action Plan to come into effect this year.

The full list of the Government’s new initiatives, complete with more information and application details, can be found here.



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