Supporting Helen* through Personal Counselling

Helen first came to Hobart City Mission’s Counselling Service to seek guidance on how to navigate a new relationship and becoming part of a blended family.

It was her first time as a full-time mum and she saw her responsibility to be a positive influence as overwhelming. She needed advice on how to deal with a teenage daughter who needed support, and encouragement at this stage in her life.

“I recognized that my partner’s daughter was at an impressionable age”, says Helen. “I didn’t want to be the cause of any damage, instead I needed to learn ways to support her whilst I established healthy boundaries so I was not taken advantage of.  More importantly though I wanted to be a great role model to her”.

Helen also wanted to maintain a healthy, positive relationship with her ex-husband and felt confused about how to do that while in a new relationship. Initially she had Counselling sessions once a week, and as time passed Helen found that the focus of her sessions shifted.

“I went to Counselling for one thing and it opened up a can of worms. I needed help to pull it all apart and get clarity.”

“Lyn (the counsellor at HCM) gives you things to think about and to implement. She helped me to set boundaries and work through conversations that needed to happen.”

Helen says that coming to HCM for Counselling has helped her and all of the people around her.

“Without the counselling I have no doubt that I wouldn’t be in a relationship, and that would be sad because I would not have the wonderful connection that I do now with my step-daughter” says Helen.

“Lyn got me through so many hurdles. She brings lots of life experience to her job and never made me feel less than. She makes me feel heard and the sessions are very productive because I never have to repeat myself, which is something that happened with previous therapists.”

“I get off the phone from a counselling session and I always feel so much lighter; my overwhelm seems so much easier to manage”.

“My burdens disappear, and my head is clearer. Lyn listens attentively and helps me to sort out the concerns I am experiencing, and enables me to cope with all the noise in my busy head.”

Helen’s relationship with her partner is now much stronger and she has tools to help her maintain healthy communication, and provide solutions to everyday dilemmas. Her relationship with her stepdaughter is also strong, and their bond is something that Helen is very proud of. She shares the tools and techniques that Lyn has taught her with the important people in her life, and says that that she can be more supportive to others when she is in a better place.

“The power of therapy is that you never know the full extent of the healing. The ripple effect is just amazing”.

*Name’s changed and models used for privacy reasons.

This story was first published in our 2020 Annual Report. To view the full Annual Report, click here

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