National Volunteer Week 2020 – Roz and Col

National Volunteer Week is an important time for Hobart City Mission (HCM) as we celebrate the hundreds of wonderful individuals who dedicate their time and energy to HCM and their community.

This National Volunteer Week, we’re celebrating the annual Volunteer Morning Tea a little differently. 

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions, the morning tea will be held online, allowing our volunteers to stay connected during this unique time in our lives. We caught up with some of our awesome vollies this week, to see how volunteering has changed their lives and their communities. 


Col is handy on the woodwork tools, and is a mechanic in his paid working life.

He originally started volunteering at HCM when he was building toy boxes, and his partner Roz convinced him to donate them to HCM.

Col could see how much joy Roz got from volunteering at HCM and he joined in October 2018. Roz and Col regularly bring their beautiful dog Bella to the City Mission Op Shops Sorting Warehouse, where she is a beloved member of the team.

Col’s favourite part of the Sorting Warehouse is the books section. He dreams of having a little workshop to fix up the beautiful old furniture that comes our way but just needs some extra love before it can be resold.

Roz, Col and Bella all enjoy the community and meeting new people at HCM. Bella helps out where she can and bring much joy (and lots of pats) to the rest of the volunteers in the Sorting Warehouse family.


Roz met Col over 30 years ago on the Gold Coast.

Roz had been volunteering with the RSPCA and Lifeline stores in Queensland, before her and Col decided to move back to Roz’s home in Tasmania.

Roz’s sister had been volunteering with HCM and encouraged her to get involved. Roz said that when she started with HCM in January 2018, it was “like coming home”.

Roz dedicates her time in the Sorting Warehouse, where she sorts through donated bags of clothing. She has seen some amazing items come through the doors over the years.

Col is the cook at home but Roz looks after the morning tea. Col enjoys plain wheaten biscuits with a banana and coffee, while Roz likes hers with lashings of butter and takes most of the morning to drink her coffee.

We’d like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers at Hobart City Mission, for their hard work, their passion, and their dedication to helping their community. We would not be able to achieve the work that we do without them. Their commitment and kindness is overwhelming. We love our vollies! 

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