National Volunteer Week 2020 – Margie and Marguerite

National Volunteer Week is an important time for Hobart City Mission (HCM) as we celebrate the hundreds of wonderful individuals who dedicate their time and energy to HCM and their community.

This National Volunteer Week, we’re celebrating the annual Volunteer Morning Tea a little differently. 

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions, the morning tea will be held online, allowing our volunteers to stay connected during this unique time in our lives. We caught up with some of our awesome vollies this week, to see how volunteering has changed their lives and their communities. 


Margie started volunteering with HCM nearly 10 years ago and has never looked back.

Margie has worked in social services all her life and volunteered for countless organisations, from volunteering at the women’s shelter in Hobart to helping kids in a drop in centre in South Australia. 

From the first day Margie met Marguerite she just knew they would be good friends.

Margie is a proud Indigenous woman and is the great granddaughter of Fanny Cochrane Smith (daughter of Truganini). She sees Marguerite as an Elder and has a huge amount of respect for her.

Margie and Marguerite work two days a week together in the Moonah Op-Shop and always make time for a cup of tea and a Ginger Nut biscuit (both their favourites). They also have a “slash up lunch at McDonalds every Tuesday when they finish there shift together.


Marguerite has a large loving family that go way back with HCM.

Her late husband Don volunteered with HCM for years, and she has 5 children and 19 grandchildren.

Marguerite’s grandfather came to Tasmania from Northern India in the 1890’s and married a local Tasmanian woman.

Marguerite has a great eye for styling stock that comes into the City Mission Op Shops. Margie says that Marguerite will always tell her if she thinks something is in the wrong place, and where it could look better.

They both have the upmost respect for each other and appreciate each other’s cultural backgrounds. They enjoy talking to the customers who come into the store.

Morning tea is always enjoyed with a sweet biscuit and a catch up on what family and friends have been up to.

We’d like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers at Hobart City Mission, for their hard work, their passion, and their dedication to helping their community. We would not be able to achieve the work that we do without them. Their commitment and kindness is overwhelming. We love our vollies! 

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