HCM’s Family Tree

In November we had the pleasure of meeting Max Lake and his wife Tanya. Max and Tanya have been touring in their motorhome from Sydney for several weeks and while visiting Hobart, Max decided he would like to know more about his great grandfather, William Lake.

Max’s great grandfather played an integral role in the Hobart City Mission’s early years. Originally from Sydney, William Lake moved to Hobart and became one of our longest serving missionaries.

William’s everyday role at Hobart City Mission included riding his bicycle through the city’s streets delivering food parcels to those in need. In 1910, William provided much guidance for the development of the brick Federation Romanesque hall that the Hobart City Mission’s Hobart office is still based in today.

Max and Tanya enjoyed looking over some very old diary notes and minutes featuring the original signature of William Lake.

Max is looking forward to doing some more research into the life of his great grandfather when he returns home.

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Max admiring a photo of his Great Grandfather William Lake.
William Lake, one of HCM’s longest serving missionary.