Update on Hobart Housing Crisis

The housing crisis continues to affect more and more people in Tasmania, causing hardship and homelessness.

The lack of affordable housing in Hobart has meant that families struggle to make ends meet. Your continued support is crucial to ensure these people receive the help they need.

An estimated 160 people sleep rough in Tasmania every night. While the worst of winter is behind us, spring is often cold and wet. Could you imagine having to brave the elements every night? Imagine not having somewhere safe and warm to sleep?

Hobart City Mission CEO, John Stubley says that homelessness is becoming more obvious.

“This winter we’ve seen homeless people living on the streets, whereas last winter we didn’t”, says John. “We’re also hearing about people sleeping in cars and couch surfing.”

A lot of the discussion in the media has been about finding long-term housing solutions. Yet John says it’s the people that need our help today that are being forgotten. 

“There have been so many conversations about homelessness and the housing crisis. But what about the people sleeping rough tonight? We, as community are still not doing enough to help people who are doing it tough right now”, says John.

Hobart City Mission is working to address that need. We are looking for ways to help people who need emergency accommodation right now.

But we can’t do it without you. Your donations have provided food and emergency relief for the homeless. Your future support will mean that services for the homeless can continue.