Donate now to the Winter Appeal!

Hobart City Mission relies on you. We don’t have enough funding to meet the growing need for Emergency Assistance in Hobart. Without your support, we will be forced to turn away families and children.

That would have been devastating for a mum like Maree*. She’s been a productive member of the community, raising a family and working as a nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital for over 40 years. Maree loved her job at the Royal, it was all she ever wanted to do. But sadly, her osteoarthritis is now too debilitating. She cannot work anymore, and is trying to survive on a disability pension.

Unfortunately the pension is nowhere near enough for this hardworking mother to live on… so Maree had to summon all her courage to ask Hobart City Mission for help. She knew she could rely on us, because Maree has come to us before. Hobart City Mission provided a sanctuary for Maree and her daughter years ago, after they fled a violent marriage.

“I was in a very bad way physically. It was like brainwashing,” she says, describing the years of abuse that she kept as a terrible secret. “You are totally controlled, you believe what you are told, and when you’re told it’s your fault you believe it.”

We didn’t turn her away then, and we won’t turn her away this time either. Not when it’s winter. Not when helping is something we can so easily do, with your gift today.

It is people like Maree, who come to Hobart City Mission for assistance when they have no other options. Hobart City Mission are able to help anyone in Southern Tasmania who is experiencing hardship, thanks to your generosity.

Donations to Hobart City Mission’s Winter Appeal help to provide food, clothing, furniture, professional advice and emotional support to those who are experiencing hardship.

We urgently need your support to provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable in the Southern Tasmanian community.

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

 *name changed 

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