Thank you for brightening Christmas

2020 was a particularly hard year for Yolanda. With job loss, a relationship breakdown, and four children to feed, Christmas was going to be tougher than ever.

“Everyone goes through a tough time sometimes and 2020 was hard for everyone with COVID”, says Yolanda.

This was the first year that Yolanda applied for Christmas Assistance, and thanks to you, help was available for her and her children. 

“Christmas Assistance helped us to have a proper Christmas. We could actually enjoy a proper lunch, and the children really enjoyed their gifts”.

“We were much happier and content, and it took a lot of stress away from that time of year”. 

“We’re much better off this year. We’re still getting there, but we’re looking at all of the positives”.

Almost 780 families received Christmas Assistance last year – more than ever before. Thanks to your kind-heartedness, all of them were able to have a happier Christmas. 

All the applicants received a food voucher, to ensure they did not go hungry, and over 1,300 children received a personal gift. Without your generous donations these children might not have enjoyed this special Christmas tradition.

Yolanda has a message to you, to thank you for helping her family:

“The people who donated to the Christmas Assistance Program should know that they are so highly appreciated. They have helped so many people in so many different ways”.

Thank you for spreading light and love to families doing it tough over the Christmas period.

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