Tenille – making a difference in the lives of children

Tenille McNamara is a vital member of the DIY Dads and Small Steps team, amongst many other things she is a mentor to the Mums and Dads – and she couldn’t do this without you.


In her role of Activities Officer, Tenille supports residents to develop parenting and life skills. This includes skills such as childcare, cooking, budgeting, resume-writing and maintaining a tenancy. These all-important skills are essential to raising a happy family.


It’s thanks to you that these key activities are available to the Mums and Dads. The Activities Officer position is completely funded by generous donors like yourself. This amazing and life-changing role would not be possible without you.


At DIY Dads Tenille coordinates activities for Dads to engage with their children. This includes play opportunities, puzzles, games and outdoor activities. These important bonding sessions help the Dads to develop positive relationships with their children. Tenille even helps the Dad’s learn to do their daughter’s hair!


Some of the Dads at DIY Dads struggle with low-literacy.  This can be a barrier when finding a job, gaining a driver’s license, or even reading to their children. Tenille is eager to study literacy teaching so she can help the Dads to overcome this barrier. Your continued support of these important programs will make this happen. 


Tenille has also been mentoring Bridgette, a young mum at Small Steps who has a two-year old daughter. Through the activities funded by you, Bridgette has learned important life skills. These include how to cook on a budget and maintain her unit.


“Tenille has helped me learn to cook, and helped me de-clutter my home”, says Bridgette. “I also talk to Tenille a lot about parenting”.


Tenille enjoys the work she does with Small Steps and DIY Dads.  “This is my first role in the Community Services Sector”, says Tenille. “It’s a real privilege to have been given the task to develop the life-skills program and work directly with the Mums and Dads to make a difference”.


Without your generous support Tenille’s role wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for giving vulnerable Mums and Dads the opportunity to develop such important life skills. This role makes a huge difference in the lives of the children and families involved.


You can make a difference to the Mums and Dads at Small Steps and DIY Dads by donating here