Safe Night Success

Above (L to R): Program Coordinator Ewan Higgs & Team Leader Hanna Richardson at Safe Night Space. 

The Safe Night Space pilot program launched on the 17th December, thanks to your generous donations. Together with The Salvation Army, the funds were raised to get the program up and running. With your support, Safe Night Space has provided a safe place for people who are experiencing homeless in Hobart.

Already Safe Night Space has made a difference to the people who are doing it tough in our community. Danielle has been homeless for four years, and has been using the Safe Night Space since it opened.

“[Safe Night Space] is great”, says Danielle. “I can come in here each night and have a proper safe sleep. When you’re sleeping on the streets you’re always sleeping with one eye open. I’ll often sleep in doorways and alcoves to get some shelter. There’s been a lot of nights where I’ll wake up to someone I don’t know standing over me”.

Your donations have created a sense of family and pride among the clients who use Safe Night Space.

“The clients invest in the space. They want to ensure that it remains a safe place for them to come”, says Program Coordinator Ewan Higgs.

“There is a sense of camaraderie, and the people who have been here before help show the new people around. Everyone packs down and pitches in to make sure the space is in good shape for the YouthARC team that day.”

“I love it here, I love this space”, says Danielle. “We’ve become like a little family. We all decide what we’ll have for dinner, buy some food throughout the day and then use the kitchen here to cook at night”.

As word of Safe Night Space spreads, it becomes clear that there’s a great need for this program in the community. The Salvo’s Street 2 Home team initially referred clients to Safe Night Space. With the success of the program, referrals are now coming from other organisations.

Isaac is 22 years old, and spent his first night at Safe Night Space recently.

“Colony 47 referred me here,” said Isaac.

“I’d never heard of Safe Night Space until today. It would have been great if I could have come here a couple of months ago”.

Isaac has been homeless for four months, and sleeping rough around the city.

“I usually sleep at a football oval, in the grandstands. One night I was sleeping on the actual oval and the sprinklers came on”.

Isaac has aspirations to start his studies again, once things settle down for him. He has already completed a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations. He is keen to start an apprenticeship to become a chef, and will pair his study with a business certificate.

“I’m going to own my own business,” says Isaac. “I love cooking Italian and Cuban food, they’re my favourites – good soul food”.

Thanks to your support, Isaac now has a safe place to stay. Safe Night Space is a place to rest from the constant uncertainty of homelessness. Isaac can use this space to reset, connect with services and move toward his life goals.

Generous donors like yourselves have made Safe Night Space a reality. You have provided people in need with hope, safety and a sense of belonging. We thank you for coming together to change the lives of those doing it tough in our community.  

Help support programs like Safe Night Space by making a donation today. 

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