Pam’s Volunteering Journey

Pam started volunteering with Hobart City Mission earlier this year when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She shared her volunteering journey with us, explaining what a typical day looks like while volunteering with Hobart City Mission.

How did I start volunteering at Hobart City Mission……?

I have known the CEO of Hobart City Mission, John Stubley, for many years and long admired his passion and dedication to the Southern Tasmanian community. So when COVID-19 put a halt to my usual voluntary job, it seemed the right place to offer help.

No one day is the same for me and I am best described as a Jack (maybe Jill) of all trades.

I began sorting and organising the overwhelming amount of food donations, so gratefully received at this testing time. We set up a bulk “grocery store” allowing staff easy access when collecting items to give to those asking for help. Thankfully the donations are still rolling in – the need has not abated.

This has also enabled us to set up and offer a larger “help yourself” variety of basics and treats such as toothpaste and brushes, soap, loo paper etc – things most of us take for granted.

This is an ongoing task, thanks to the continuing generosity of a caring public and local companies.

I also assist with processing monies from the nine City Mission Op Shops. COVID-19 isolation has allowed many of us to clean out cupboards and wardrobes and donate goods to this worthy cause.

This coincides with the need for reasonably priced clothing and essential items…a win-win!

Another area I help in is the “Emergency Relief” clothing, blankets, scarves and beanies etc – many lovingly knitted for donation. Whilst I don’t have direct contact with our clients, I do see and hear the gratitude and pleasure from those doing it tough when receiving food and clothing. Heartwarming….there but for a quirk of fate go I!

In my volunteering role I also help collect wonderful food from a local restaurant which is cooked and frozen ready to distribute from our two main centres – Hobart and Moonah. They are often for many, the difference between eating and not.

I generally spend 3 days at City Mission, but this is not fixed so when there is much to be done, I hop in to help.

I have volunteered with several different organisations over many years and am still involved with a totally unrelated cause, however Hobart City Mission embodies the very spirit of a caring community.

Absolutely every staff member is totally dedicated with a kindness and caring that is so often lost in large organisations. The team is run with a conscious frugality leaving the available funds to achieve its “mission”. It is a grass roots, sincere community business who treasure and appreciate its volunteers, making us feel worthy and vital. I love it!