One Community Together making positive change in Clarence Plains

Linda has lived in the Clarence Plains community with her husband and two sons for nearly 20 years. She joined One Community Together after connecting with the group through her choir and the community health centre.

She is one of the community members in the One Community Together Steering Committee, along with many others in the collective. Linda uses her experience of living in Clarence Plains and individual valuable skills to make positive change to the area.

“I really enjoy being part of One Community Together”, says Linda. “It’s something to focus on, and it gives me personal hope for the future of Clarence Plains.”

Linda says that the services involved in One Community Together really care about the community and listen to the community’s needs and wants.

“One Community Together works under a Collective Impact model” says Linda. “We ask the community what issues affect them and we work through them. Whatever projects we do, they have all come directly from the community.”

Linda says while there are some negative stigmas directed at some areas of Clarence Plains, there are so many good-hearted people in the community and wonderful things happening.

“I’m glad I moved here. It opened my eyes and taught me not to be so judgmental. Just because people don’t have the same experience as you growing up, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the same opportunities. They deserve to be safe and happy and have positive outcomes for their families.” 

“I get excited for the future of Clarence Plains. Being part of One Community Together is my way to give back to the community.”

This story was first published in our 2020 Annual Report. To view the full Annual Report, click here

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