One Community Together – Brings Together Clarence Plains

One Community Together is a collective of residents, community groups and organisations
in Clarence Plains. They work together on shared goals that are developed with,
and for, the local community. These goals build on the collective strengths of everyone
involved to create positive change together.

Clarence Plains includes the communities of Clarendon Vale, Glebe Hill, Oakdowns and
Rokeby. A number of the projects completed by One Community Together, and the
backbone support that helps coordinate them, are only possible thanks to
generous donors like yourselves. 

On the 8th of July, One Community Together held their first face-to-face Community Conversation afternoon tea since the COVID-19 lockdowns. The event was an opportunity for Clarence Plains community members to come together and socialise, and identify some key areas to work on in the coming years.

Around 60 people attended the Community Conversation afternoon tea. Attendees were asked to visit four interactive tables, which were hosted by a member of One Community Together. Each table had a discussion around the priority areas of the Clarence Plains community, which are: safe, welcoming, attractive and proud.

Questions included ‘What makes you proud of Clarence Plains?’ and ‘How do we make people feel at home?’ These prompts produced some great ideas and suggestions. One Community Together will collate and develop these ideas to create change based on the needs and wants of the community.

Kathryn Cranny is the Project Officer at One Community Together, and provides the backbone support for collective.

“The Community Conversation afternoon tea was really fantastic”, says Kathryn.

“It was a family friendly event and was a chance for the community to socialize. There were lots of familiar friendly faces and lots of new faces as well”.

“These community conversations are a wonderful opportunity for us to make sure we are always keeping the community voice at the centre of everything we do and every project that we deliver”.

“We also shared some exciting news with the community about the new 26TEN Literacy and Numeracy Program that has launched locally. We also introduced Finn, a local who has recently joined us as a storyteller for the Shaping the Plains Story Project. This project is a ‘Humans of New York’ style project, that shares the stories, photos and sentiments of the people and places who make Clarence Plains unique”.

You can read these stories on the One Community Together Facebook Page.

Hobart City Mission is just one of the organisations that collaborates with the Clarence Plains community through One Community Together. Hobart City Mission is the Backbone of One Community Together, which serves as a coordinating body and brings together a range of stakeholders to achieve a common goal.

The Tasmanian Community Fund have generously provided some funds to support the Backbone, however we are increasingly relying on fundraising to fund this project. It’s through your generous support that these projects can continue to create positive and long-lasting change in the Clarence Plains community.

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