Margaret Finds Her Forever Home

Margaret came to Hobart City Mission in 2020, to seek help finding a new home. She had been living in accommodation that was expensive and inappropriate for her needs. She was paying almost all of her fortnightly pension, leaving her with little money for other costs such as food and electricity.

The unit that Margaret lived in was tiny – “there was no space” said Margaret. “It was literally a box, with only one very small window”. Margaret uses a walker and it was difficult to move around in such a small and pokey unit.

Margaret worked with Amanda, a Hobart City Mission Housing Connect Worker, to identify what she required from a home to ensure that she was safe and able to enjoy her life. Amanda helped her to find a new place in New Norfolk, close to her family and friends.

Margaret says that she feels like the luckiest person alive to finally get appropriate housing. She says that Amanda was wonderful, helping her with paperwork and calling her regularly to make sure she was okay.

Margaret says that her house is flat and walker-friendly, she can walk to the shops every morning to get the paper and bread and she’s enjoying cooking again, now that she has a functional kitchen. Margaret has started to grow her own food, planting tomatoes and other vegetables.

“My head is much clearer”, says Margaret. “Now I don’t have to be worrying about where I’m living constantly”.

“Margaret has volunteered and given so much to help others throughout her life”, says Amanda. “It’s Margaret’s turn for some help now”.

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