Marcela’s Story

Marcela came to Emergency Assistance while she was going through a difficult time in her life. Her housemate had moved out unexpectedly, taking some of Marcela’s things with her, and leaving Marcela to pay double the rent – almost all of her income!

Marcela’s electricity had been cut off and she needed help to pay the bill. At this time of year, Aurora’s annual funding to Hobart City Mission had run out. Thankfully, with the generosity of people like you we were able to assist Marcela pay her bill. This meant she was able to have a hot shower and cook again.

“Having a warm shower was a huge relief, along with the extra money for food. That helped me to pay the rent for a while”, says Marcela.

Despite her efforts to find a new housemate, Marcela lost her rental and she became homeless. Marcela engaged with Hobart City Mission’s Housing services but it was a long five months before she found permanent housing.

During this time, she regularly utilized our Emergency Assistance program to help her with food, which meant she could spend her limited money on temporary accommodation solutions.

“I went to Hobart City Mission at least once a fortnight for a while there. I initially felt shame and was embarrassed, but the staff are so friendly. Everyone is always smiling and supportive. They are very understanding and not judgmental at all. They get to know your story and understand you”.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Marcela received help when it came to moving into her new house as well.

“I received vouchers to buy furniture from the City Mission Op Shops warehouse, so I could make my new house a home”.

Now that Marcela has settled into her home, she has signed up to volunteer with Hobart City Mission, and feels the community around Hobart City Mission is like an old friend. 

“I’ve received lots of help from Hobart City Mission and now I’m in a situation where I can give back, and I always had that in mind, even when I didn’t have a home”.

The Emergency Relief Program would not be possible without the support of friends like you. By providing food and assistance to those doing it tough, you’ve helped Marcela and many others to get back on their feet.