Kiara and her son are safe, thanks to you

HCM Support Workers go above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes for clients. Their efforts
are often only possible because of generous donors like you
Tara* and Nellie* are two support workers at HCM. Last year, they helped Kiara* and her son to leave
a dangerous family violence situation.

Kiara comes from a migrant background. She had tried to leave the relationship before, but due to
language barriers she had not been able to escape. The systems of support were too difficult to
navigate. Her husband had full control of her life, and had been making death threats towards her
and her family.

Nellie and Tara provided Kiara with safe accommodation in motels, funded by donations made to
HCM. They drove her to appointments, and supported her to make statements to the police. They
ensured that they used interpreters in every interaction so that Kiara could communicate her needs.
“This case was very much outside our usual scope”, says Nellie. “Tara and I worked together because
there was just so much to do”.

“We worked closely with family violence services in Tasmania, but unfortunately they couldn’t do a
lot of the handson work. We received lots of advice from them over the phone, but we were Kiara’s
facetoface support, and she trusted us”.

“Many of the systems are really hard to navigate. It was hard enough for us to get our head around
it, and we work in this space every day”.

HCM funded accommodation for Kiara and her son for two months, and provided them with food
and other essentials. HCM eventually bought the flights for them to safely leave the state, and start
afresh in their new home.

Nellie and Tara worked with an organisation on the mainland that specialises in family violence. They
greeted Kiara at the airport when she arrived and ensured she had a safe place to go.
“It was a huge relief for both of us when we saw them off at the airport”.

“Last we’ve heard; they are doing really well. Kiara’s son is back at school which is amazing. He
hadn’t been able to attend school when he was in Tasmania”.

“We wouldn’t have been able to keep Kiara and her son safe without our donors”, says Nellie.

“These donations help us to do our job. Having the flexibility to help her with flights,
accommodation, and more intensive support, meant we could get her out of the abusive
relationship. Without this level of support, I don’t think that Kiara would have been able to leave”.

Donations to HCM help to fund one Housing Connect Case Manager role, alongside the government
funding. This extra role means that people don’t fall through the gaps.
Thank you for providing a brighter future for families like Kiara’s.
*names changed and models used to protect identities