Isaac’s Journey Home

Isaac’s journey from homelessness to a home has been a long one. He became homeless when he was just eighteen years old and has been experiencing homelessness on and off for the past five years.

Isaac first came to Safe Space in January 2020, shortly after the program first launched. One year on, and Isaac finally has secure accommodation at Mountain View (HCM’s brand new supported accommodation program), thanks to the efforts of kind and compassionate people like you.

“It’s been a long journey, very stressful”, says Isaac.

“I was couch surfing or sleeping at the South Hobart soccer grounds with my sleeping bag and all my clothes. I’d be half-awake, half-asleep and paranoid. When I got to Safe Space it was better but I wanted to get out of the shelter environment. Once I got to Mountain View it was just a million times better”.

The Mountain View program launched in October 2020, and provides supported accommodation to people who have been on the Housing Tasmania priority waitlist. The purchase of the Mountain View site was funded by donors just like you, as well as a contribution from the state government.

There are 31 studio units available at Mountain View. Over 50% of the residents at Mountain View have come from the Safe Space program, which provides immediate shelter and support to people sleeping rough. Mountain View is the next piece in the puzzle for people experiencing homelessness, and would not be possible without your kindness.

Now that Isaac has a place to live, he is driven to achieve his goals. He already has a background in cooking and wants to expand his skills and travel.

“I’m planning to go to TAFE in the next few months. I want to get into a Certificate IV in Business. I want to own my own business and have a food van.

“I couldn’t do any of that on the streets because I was always stressing about where I was going to be next. Now I can plan my future. I’ve got a home base that I can call my own.

“Cooking is my passion, for sure. I’ve known that since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I want to travel the world with it”.

Isaac has recently started cooking again in a paid role at Mountain View. He put his name forward to Stephano, the owner of the Italian Day Centre, who cook meals for all the residents at Mountain View. Isaac is now working two days a week to make meals for people in the community and other residents at Mountain View, and is loving it.

“Working keeps me busy and keeps me motivated”, says Isaac.

“Living at Mountain View has added a sense of stability. I’m not going to be here forever but it’s given me a platform to keep moving forward”.

“The staff are great. Any time I need to chat to them they’re there and it’s so good to have positive people behind me”.

“I’m a very resilient person, but being on the streets for over five years is ridiculous especially for someone my age. I missed a lot of my youth going through all this. I missed a lot of my apprentice years, but now I get to do that here. I’m stable and I’m happy and there’s no stopping me now”.

Your support of the Mountain View program has already changed lives in your community. Through donating to Mountain View, you are giving people the opportunity to feel safe, secure and work towards their life goals – an opportunity they may not have had for years. 

Your continued support means that more people like Isaac can have the basics in life – a roof over their head, three meals a day, and a friendly face to help them on their way.

To donate to the Mountain View program click here

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