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When Cassie’s world was in crisis – with no place to call home – it was her kids she was most worried about.

Cassie couldn’t live at home anymore.

Her partner had become abusive… and despite the dangers of leaving, she knew she had to escape. But trying to find a home for herself and her two kids, Quentin and Ezra – plus another baby boy on the way – was much harder than Cassie thought.

“When I couldn’t find a home, it was a punch to the gut,” she says. It was awful.

She longed to provide a safe and secure place to raise her family and work towards a better future for all of them. But the reality was, homelessness was just around the corner. And Cassie was desperate to keep her kids off the streets.

With nothing but a suitcase and a couple of toys in her hands, Cassie made a call to Hobart City Mission’s Small Steps program – a call that would change her life – and her family’s future – for good.

Your gift today will help more vulnerable young mothers like Cassie find a home and a supportive environment that will help them get back on their feet.

So please give today, knowing you’ll be supporting more young mums like Cassie who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness right now.

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