DIY Dads’ Success

Single dad Jason* is moving on from our DIY Dads program this month, thanks to the generous support of donors like you. He’s found a place to live outside the program, that is suitable for his children, and he’s confident in his ability to make things work in his own home. 

While staying with our DIY Dads, Jason took full advantage of the carpentry mentor Paul* who works with the program. Together, they have built a range of children’s timber picnic table sets, which we helped Jason to sell through City Mission Op Shops and also social media. Jason was insistent thatthe proceeds go back into tools and materials for the carpentry program, and he has now moved onto building items to order. 

With Paul’s help they recently took on the challenge of constructing a learning tower. Jason admits he had never come across learning towers before the order was placed, but is now confident and comfortable in his ability to build quality timber furniture. “I had no idea these things existed, but I knew I could do it, with a bit of help from Paul.” 

DIY Dads program leader Ben Nicholson is very pleased for Jason, and also very satisfied that the program is helping dads like Jason to build up the skills and resilience that their families and children need. In the ultimate compliment to DIY Dads, Jason is adamant that he will return to the program as a mentor for the other carpentry students, and as a helper to Paul, his own mentor.

The operating costs for DIY Dads are entirely funded by donors, so this outstanding result was made possible by people like you – our generous donors. DIY Dads will happily accept donations of cordless drills, other hand tools, and timber, for their carpentry program. Drop them off at our Barrack Street office or any of our Op Shops, and tell the staff they are for the DIY Dads program, or we can arrange to pick up timber and other materials from your property if they are too bulky for your vehicle.


Hobart City Mission