Christmas Appeal

Please help provide urgently needed accommodation and support.​

Emily feared she’d spend Christmas alone, separated from her baby Mya.

Emily wasn’t looking forward to Christmas in 2022. She was preparing to spend Christmas couch-surfing when she contacted Hobart City Mission.

As with so many vulnerable young mothers, financial pressures and the unexpected challenges of caring for a newborn baby on her own threatened to push her into homelessness.

Things got even more desperate when little Mya was diagnosed with life-threatening liver cancer and needed urgent treatment and surgery in Melbourne.

If she did end up homeless, Emily knew Mya would likely end in foster or state care. With nowhere else to turn, Emily reached out Hobart City Mission for help.

“Without that support, I was at risk of spending Christmas homeless,” she says.

Please donate now so a mum like Emily doesn’t spend this Christmas homeless and alone.

Please donate today to help provide mothers and babies like Emily and Mya with a safe home where they can be together this Christmas.

  • Your gift will provide urgently needed accommodation for a young mother who is struggling to afford rent and food on her own.
  • You’ll help provide that young woman with the 24/7 support she needs as she learns to cope with the new and unexpected challenges of being a mum for the first time.
  • You’ll give young women like Emily the chance to develop the skills they need to get their lives back on track, and create a healthy, nurturing environment for their children.

A donation from you now will help young women like Emily to become independent – and empower them to be the best mums they can be.

Please give generously, so no mother has to spend Christmas without their child or a place to call home.

*Names changed and models used to protect client privacy