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Nobody should be homeless over the holidays. Your donation will help provide food, long or short term shelter and support services for the most vulnerable in our community this Christmas.

Give the gift of Christmas this year

All donations $2 and above are tax deductible. 

*Names changed & models used to protect privacy

Single mother of two, Natalie* just wanted to give her kids a decent Christmas.

She packed her life and two young children into a car and fled when her partner became physically abusive. Driving the grueling four day journey back to Hobart from Queensland to discover she’d been priced out of the rental market.

The young family were forced to live in their car for weeks.

“It was so frightening, all I could do was try and park somewhere it was lit up each night because I knew it was safer there”

With the support of the team at Hobart City Mission, Natalie and her family were able to find stable accommodation while they get back on their feet.

But many more need help.

This Christmas, too many Southern Tasmanians are facing a similar situation – pushed into homelessness, couch surfing or overcrowded dwellings by the ongoing housing crisis. 

It’s only thanks to the caring donations of people like you that, Tasmania’s most desperate have a place to turn

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Give families like Natalie’s the support they need to find a safe, secure place to call home this Christmas.