A thank you from Rebecca

Volunteers from TasNetworks at last year’s Christmas Assistance Program.

Every year, hundreds of families receive support over the Christmas period. We could not do this
without the kindness of the local community.

In 2020 you helped over 770 families, and gifted 1367 children with presents and toys. This is a
massive 71% increase on the number of families who needed help over the 2019 Christmas period.
Thank you, for ensuring that no child went without a Christmas, during what was one of Southern
Tasmania’s toughest years.

Rebecca was just one of the people who received support through the Christmas Assistance Program
last year.

She received support through food vouchers, and toys for her two children, aged five and 14.
“Hobart City Mission helped help me a lot last year”, says Rebecca.

“I had lost my father and my sister within a twoyear period and then my mother had a transplant so
things sort of went a bit haywire”

“Christmas Assistance helped to get a little something extra for the kids, and to put Christmas dinner
on the table”.

Rebecca budgets for Christmas throughout the year, but says that it’s those larger bills and doctors’
appointments for her children that can throw her budgeting out.

“I really appreciate the help we received. I probably access Hobart City Mission’s services a couple of
times a year when times are tough, and often that’s at Christmas time”.

“I like to give back by donating second hand items to City Mission Op Shops, or helping out the
families in my neighbourhood”.

“Without this support Christmas would have been so stressful. I just really appreciate all the people
who donate to help my family”.

Thank you for ensuring that Rebecca could provide her children with a happy, memoryfilled

Unbelievably, it’s time again for us to start preparing for Christmas. Keep a look out for your
Christmas Appeal letter arriving in your mail box early November. With your help, families like
Rebecca’s can look forward to a Christmas filled cheer.