3 Top Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Congratulations and thank you for considering fundraising!

Giving your time and raising money is a great way to generate awareness for the issues facing our community and contribute to a better Tasmania.

As an individual fundraiser you’re in a great position! You’re completely in charge of your own adventure!

You can decide how you’d like to raise awareness of your charity or goals. No need to organise large groups of other people – that’s a big advantage! 

The possibilities really are endless for fundraising activities, but we’ve prepared a list of three ideas we’ve seen work time and time again. If you’re running short of ideas one of these might just do the trick!

Here goes:

1. A BIG Personal Challenge

Pick a personal challenge that you’ve wanted to tackle forever or, for a twist, absolutely terrifies you. Think running a half marathon, learning to swim, posing as the model in a still life painting class or sky diving.

Once you’ve chosen your challenge, settle on a fundraising target and take it to your friends, family and community for support. Eg: Once I’ve raised $1000 for Hobart City Mission I will skydive and post the video recording to my social media for everybody to see!

This is an easy way to get your circle involved with your fundraising activities. The BIG Personal Challenge lets you tackle a goal or fear while also raising awareness and much needed funds for your chosen cause.

Challenge yourself to run a marathon AND raise awareness for your cause!

2. Who Dares Fundraises

Similar to The BIG Personal Challenge, a “Who Dares Fundraises” challenge gets your circle involved in your fundraising endeavours – but this time they’re in charge!

Ask your friends, colleagues or family to come up with a list of four dares to complete if you hit your fundraising target. Then let them choose which one you’ll take with a Facebook poll, in-person vote or random selection from a hat.

This is a great way to outsource your challenge if you’re not feeling particularly creative. It also works well is you have access to a large network who might like to see you take on a silly or even scary challenge. Perfect for sports clubs, scouts or churches! Who wouldn’t like to see their pastor don pink hair for the Sunday service?!

Would you come to work dressed as a clown for a dare?

3. Break the Habit

Everybody’s got a guilty pleasure they could do without. Some of us even have a bad habit that we’d be happy to see the back of! Why not take the initiative to kick the habit AND raise awareness/funds for your favourite cause?

A “Break the Habit” fundraiser can align your personal goal to quit smoking, cut back on certain “treat” foods or take it a little easier on the after work wine down. Plus you raise awareness and much needed funds for your favourite cause. It’s simple, just choose your goal!

Eg: No alcohol or fast food for 30 Days, slow down and stop smoking over a 30 day period or even cutting out the meat going vegan for a month!

It works just the same as the “Big Personal Challenge” and “Who Dares Fundraises” ideas. You choose your goal, tie it to a charitable cause and take it to your circle for sponsorship and support.  Breaking the habit is a great way to challenge yourself, improve your health/wellbeing and make the world a better place – all with the support of your nearest and dearest!

There's never a bad time to kick a bad habit. Why not sweeten the deal with some added awareness raising?